Seagull Deterrents

Seagulls are a common pest in coastal areas. At BPUK Environment we know this all too well, because we’re based in Plymouth.

We’ve all taken our eyes off a sandwich crust for a split second, only to have it nipped from our fingers by a marauding gull – a classic part of Britain-On-Sea.

Seagulls are large birds, and particularly during their breeding season can become very aggressive, in some instances attacking people. This, obviously, is not helpful to your business.

To top this off, their droppings can cause structural damage to buildings and block up drainage systems. However, don’t worry, because if seagulls are plaguing your premises, we have some straightforward solutions.

Daddi Long Legs

This is a unique and patented device, that’s mobile – increasing its versatility as a seagull deterrent.

It features rotating spider-like wires that jump around in the wind or when aggravated by seagulls. This movement is as off-putting to seagulls as they are to us, and disrupts their movements.

It a perfect anti-seagull system for the marine industry (for example on boats), or so long as there’s a flat surface it can be placed almost anywhere.

If you’d like some more info on seagull deterrents please give us a call for a friendly chat on 01752 987057 or pop us through an email at


Seagulls love nesting and perching on the highest parts of a roof. Gullwire does wonders to counteract this – a fantastic deterrent.

Parallel steel wires, at a width slightly below a seagull’s wingspan stop them from landing without catching them, or tangling them up. If they can’t land, then usually they won’t bother again.

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