Pigeon & Seagull control

At Bird Proofing UK we have a range of bird deterrent options, all of which are designed to provide lawful, humane and long lasting protection for your site.

Our products and services prevent seagulls, pigeons and more, doing exactly what it is they do. From fouling, to perching, to roosting – with the help of Bird Proofing UK you can finally stop shaking that stick.

We’re well aware how annoying birds can become, and the detrimental effects they cause to livelihoods. It’s more complex than simply a few angry gulls.

Bird droppings (guano) are classed as a health hazard, and carry E-coli, Salmonella and Ornithosis. All it takes is for someone to become ill, or have a nasty slip on a wet, fouled entranceway and things plummet south.

Legal action is just under the surface these days, and insurance won’t be enough deal with the costs. Leaving your bird problem unattended is not worth the risk.

We don’t mean to scare, we mean to help – we’re experts in our field, and take pride in what we do. Our mission is to avert any potential crisis that could befall your business, putting your mind at ease.

We supply bird deterrents for the retail, commercial and construction industries.

We can help with many different solutions, each one customised to suit your specific needs. Here’s what we offer:

  • Bird Mesh – Popular & sturdy, great for public spaces
  • Bird Netting – Rot proof, subtle & very cost-effective
  • Bird Spikes – Quick to install & perform brilliantly
  • Bird Wire – Discreet, effective & corrosion resistant
  • Optical Bird Gel – Non-toxic, alters bird behaviour without harming

We also have some clever, electronic bird control options. *All of the above methods are safe for the birds.

It’s not all about prevention; some of it’s about cleaning up and repairing. The team here at Bird Proofing UK are fully licensed, and accredited to carry out all forms of aerial work. In addition to installing bird deterrents we can undertake a range of concrete and roof repairs, making good afterwards.

Plus, we’re licensed waste carriers, and can deal with the clean up of bird fouling. This includes lawful bird population control (egg and nest removal).

Whatever your issue, we have the right tools, equipment, licenses and people for the job. For more info, please call us on 01752 987057 or zip us an email at info@bpukenviro.com – it’d be a pleasure to assist you.

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