Fouling Cleaning

Bird droppings (guano) and general bird fouling (nest litter, feathers and bird carcasses) are classed as hazardous materials – and as such, are a controlled waste.

At BPUK Environment we have a specialist team of people, which can remove all (we really mean all) of the bird fouling from your premises – making it 100% clean and safe.

The problems bird fouling (and birds) can cause are surprising, and many:

  • Birds have blood sucking parasites that can transfer diseases to humans
  • Bulk nest litter is home to various beetles/ moths that can spread to food stores, wood and carpets
  • Bulk fouling contains dead birds – causing fly infestations
  • Guano is acidic – causing the corrosion of stone/ metalwork
  • Guano and nest litter blocks gutters – flooding and damp
  • Damp can lead to booklouse infestations in food stores and damp wood is the perfect habitat for other boring beetles
  • Nests can block chimneys/ flues creating a build up of toxic gases
  • Droppings are a slip hazard – public injury = potential legal action

None of the above sound very good do they? They’re not.

Leaving bird fouling unaddressed can pose a legitimate health risk to you, your staff and clients alike.

That’s why we’re here, as fully licensed waste carriers.

Removing waste such as this is not pleasant work and potentially dangerous. No dramas for BPUK Environment though. Our team will assess every job and conduct a full COSHH, a method statement and risk assessment before carrying out any work. This it to ensure everything gets sorted in line with health and safety regulations – and of course we always use the correct safety gear (PPE).

All of our team members know exactly what they’re doing and will clean up your premises safely, in a professional manner – leaving you with a healthy environment to be comfortable in again.

For more info on our bird fouling service please give us a call on 01752 987057 or send us through an email at as always, it’s a pleasure to help.

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