Electric Bird Deterrents

AVISHOCK™ is an innovative electronic bird deterrent, proven to be harmless but super effective.

How it works? It’s made of PVC strips with conductive steel braids inside. A low current gives off an electrostatic pulse every 1.3 seconds – similar to an electric fence.

When urban birds touch its surface they receive an electric shock, enough to cause them to fly elsewhere, but not enough to hurt them.

AVISHOCK™ is able to stand firm as a brilliant bird deterrent alongside more traditional bird control methods such as bird netting, bird mesh, bird wire and bird spikes.

Here’s why…

  • Stops pigeons & other bird species from roosting, perching & nesting anywhere it’s placed
  • Psychological influence – birds are conditioned not to return to the location
  • Extra flexible – perfect for even the most awkward nooks & crannies a structure has to offer
  • Designed to withstand the elements & last long into the future

If you’d like more info on this fantastic device, please do give us a call at BPUK Environment on 01752 987057 or send us through an email at info@bpukenviro.com.

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