Bird Spikes

Sometimes there are more pigeons than people. This is where bird spikes come in.

Angled wires turn favourite perch sites into no-go areas for larger birds – leaving them no option but to move on from your premises, unharmed.

Bird spikes are quick to install, and stop birds (such as pigeons and seagulls) from landing. They can be used in single or multiple rows, and offer a perfect solution for any surface you need protecting.

They’re available in plastic or stainless steel, both of which are great options and can be bonded to pretty much anything with a strong, neutral adhesive. So there’ll be no need for noisy drilling.

With bird spikes you’ll get a tried and tested bird deterrent, and with BPUK Environment you’ll get a professional, skilled team of experts to install it.

If this looks like it’s the answer to your bird problems – please do give us a call on 01752 987057, one of our team will gladly talk things through with you.

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