Bird Netting

Bird netting is a widely used, long lasting and cost-effective bird deterrent.

It’s harmless to birds, but all the difference when it comes to proofing your premises.

Bird netting is impenetrable, and comes in an array of gauges fit for all urban birds – even the tiniest species.

Our bird netting installation service works best with bigger spaces such as roofs, where one net can be used to protect many perches. It’s made from an inert type of polyethylene, which is brilliantly resistant to chemical and environmental weathering. Basically, it won’t rot.

You’ll get something with an impressive lifespan, not requiring excessive quantities, or lots of “little bits”. It’s excellent value for money, and does the job superbly. A simple solution to your bird problems, that won’t cost silly amounts.

If you’re interested in knowing more, here at BPUK Environment we’ve an affable team of experts, brimming with answers to your anti-bird queries.

Please give us call on 01752 987057 or send us an email at  – we’d love to help.

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