Optical Bird Gel

Optical bird repellent gel is non-toxic substance that tricks birds into thinking buildings are on fire – an undeniably good reason for them not to land or hang around.

Even though it hasn’t been on the market for long, optical bird gel has proven extremely successful all over the world. It’s been used as a bird deterrent in just about every kind of commercial site imaginable. Some of these include: coastal oil terminals, airports, seaports, military establishments, offshore oilrigs, train stations and historic buildings.

Optical bird gel is so good at what it does that it can cause problem species to completely disappear from a location – even where a colony has been going strong for years.

How does it achieve such remarkable results?

Although it’s orange to us, optical bird gel looks very different to birds. To them, it appears like flames. This is because they’re able to see ultra-violet light. A smart bit of optical trickery designed by bio-scientists.

The problem birds that plague your premises will think the building has gone up in smoke. Just like humans this triggers a survival instinct – get as far away as possible.

Although some of the traditional bird deterrents are likely to last a little longer, optical bird gel is notably discreet – it’s applied in 10mm high dishes that can’t be seen from ground level.

Because it’s oil based it won’t be affected by changes in temperature, even extreme ones and can last up to two years.

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