Falconry is a natural bird deterrent, and widespread amongst human environments.

The presence of a bird of prey is a natural deterrent which will instil instinctive fear into a range of bird species. At BPUK Environment we use highly trained Hawks and Falcons to carry out our falconry deterrence work. These birds have been trained by our experienced team of technicians and recognise the technician as their primary food source, meaning they are not trained to kill for food. The aim of a falconry deterrence programme is not to kill the problem species but to instil the fear that a predator is active in the area.

Falconry can be used in a huge variety of locations to help our clients with a range of bird species including Gulls, Pigeons, Starlings, Swallows among others. Falconry can also be used as part of a range of bespoke solutions tailored to individual clients needs working well alongside visual or acoustic deterrents as well as seasonal egg and nest management visits.

Egg and nest Management

We often recommend carrying out a seasonal egg and nest management programme along side falconry deterrence work. Our experienced technicians carry out egg and nest removal during the breeding season under licence to prevent successful nesting. Gulls are habitual creatures returning to nest where they were born, in curbing breeding success we are preventing future increases in population nesting on your property.

The birds of prey we use in our programmes are:

Harris Hawks:
These intelligent birds are ideal for flying in an urban environment including within warehouses and hangers. Harris Hawk are flown from the glove around the site before being called back to the glove which they recognise as their food source.

Falcons (Longwings):
We use a range of falcons or hybrids including Peregrine, Gyr and Saker. Falcons are ideal for covering larger sites as they can be flown at height/range and brought in to fly tighter to the falconer through use of a lure and much like the Harris Hawk recognises the glove as its primary food source the Falcons associate the lure as their primary food source.

At BPUK we always:

    • Use only Hawks and Falcons trained for bird deterrence work
    • Use falconers who are experienced in bird deterrence work
    • Carry out a thorough risk assessment prior to each flight to protect our Birds of Prey
    • Use either a GPS tracker or a Radio transmitter (Telemetry) to keep track of our Birds location

For more information or to arrange a free site survey please call 01752 987057 or email info@bpukenviro.com

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