Abseiling & Rope Access

Scaffolding is expensive, but that’s okay – because to bird proof your premises we don’t need it.

Abseiling and rope access is a cost effective way to get the job done. In certain situations scaffolding is actually prohibited, so roped access is a safe alternative.

At BPUK Environment we have a team of experienced climbers, and they can do more than just install bird deterrents:

  • Concrete repairs, gutter/ roof repairs, painting and cleaning
  • Sign/ banner installation, rigging, steel erection and removal
  • Silo inspections – cleaning, repairs and temperature probe installation
  • Visual inspections of flare stacks and chimneys

Understandably not everyone is able to professionally dangle from a building on a rope. To do this you need to be seriously qualified.

Our team are (or have):

  • NDT MPI PCN Level 2
  • FRSST qualified
  • IRATA Level I, II and III & Advanced Industrial Climber 2003
  • CSCS and Safety Passports

Whether you need some bird proofing on your premises, or any of above (or all of the above), you can be safe in the knowledge that BPUK Environment has the right people for the job.

For more info about our abseiling and rope access services please do give us a call on 01752 987057 or pop us through an email at info@bpukenviro.com, our ropes are at the ready.

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